10.15.14 - Meeting with golf courses in northern Hillsborough County and Pasco County

iSky 360 was formed during a midnight brainstorming session by 2 brothers, both Florida natives, and both avid golfers. The oldest of the Fenton brothers has long been a professional photographer and web guru in Tampa, but was ready for something new and exciting. The youngest of the 3 Fenton brothers had been watching a TV report on a former engineer turned rancher, and how this brainy cowpoke had designed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or "drone") to keep track of his herd. He later found out that he could make more money selling the multi-rotor copters than he could as a rancher, so his new business was born.

Mitch, the youngest Fenton, loved the idea of doing something fun and techie. While the eldest Fenton brother, Tres, thought it was a pretty cool story, he realized none of them had the engineering experience to build their own craft. What he did know was that due to his 20+ years shooting photos and video professionally, they could easily translate that experience to the sky, and start shooting some pretty cool footage using one of these professionally built UAV's.

Combining a love for golf with this aerial video concept, iSky 360 was born. While not limited to only shooting golf courses, it's definitely one of iSky 360's primary markets. We feel like golfers like us would love seeing hole flyovers of courses they have never played, giving them an idea of what the course had to offer. Most golf course websites have low-res images shot by an assistant pro. Rarely does a golf course have high end imagery on their website. We aim to change that, both with gorgeous hi-res stills shot from the ground, to soaring flyby videos of the holes your customers will play.

iSky 360 also thinks it's important to shoot testimonial and content videos at golf courses on a monthly basis. We then optimize these videos for search on the two most popular search engines, Google and YouTube. Feeding these search giants with a constant stream of quality content will push your golf course or business to the top, giving you far more visibility than your competitors. We use a hand held video rig that is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization. What does that mean to you? A cinematic look to your videos.

We will shoot happy customers coming off the 18th green, getting their experience of playing your course. We'll shoot a fun clip of the cart girl or 19th hole bartender. We'll shoot your pro giving a short tip on how a beginning golfer can improve their putting or short game. All this will translate to more people seeing what you have to offer, and more customers booking tee times.